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Aquayak Customer Feedback/Reviews

★★★★★ My daughter and I both have a Snapper Pro and we love them. One was purchased online and the other from Mitre 10 Grantville, one of the many agencies. We have had excellent after sales service from Courtney. I have also purchased a few extras from the online shop and am amazed at how quickly I received my order. I cannot praise Aquayak enough and highly recommend them to anyone who is in the market for a yak.

Brenda Larsson
Aquayak Facebook
May 2015

★★★★★ Purchased a Scout over a year ago now and its been great fun with the family out on the waterways...AAA+

Al Reeve
Aquayak Facebook
Jan 2015

★★★★★ Excellent and extremely friendly service. Professional advice and staff were happy to demonstrate how to tie down the Kayaks. Looking forward to coming back for accessories in the future!! 

Charli Brown
Aquayak Facebook
Dec 2014

Thanks Courtney for your excellent service with my purchase of the Snapper Pro to do small stream work. I have recently had a test paddle and found it to be a bit tippy when you enter the kayak unless to sit right on the seat when you get in, further forward and it loses stability. On exit I was able to sit side saddle quite easily with good stability. The tracking and turning are very good and stability is good. The hatches are very hard to undo but they may loosen up with wear, I will make a tool to assist with undoing them. In conclusion a very good product and good prices and your service was excellent.

Tura Beach, NSW
September 2014

★★★★★ Have 2 scouts for 3 years now me and my wife take them every were have had a lot of use and a lot more to come we have had them fully loaded for both fishing trips and hunting trips were ever we go the scouts are ready one of the best investments I've made. I all so purchased 2 more scouts for my sisters The people there are grate to deal with and always remember you as soon as you walk in the door

Matthew Moloney
Aquayak Facebook Review
September 2014

★★★★★ Grace at the Bentleigh store was awesome - friendly, quick and informed service. The ranger kayak is great - sturdy, stable but surprisingly efficient to paddle - I paddle racing skis so was expecting a barge but while, as expected, the more stable kayaks are slower, they are surprisingly efficient - and the fishing has been great even in windy conditions

Kevin Ball
Aquayak Facebook Review
September 2014

Hi Courtney.

Just a quick note to let you know I got the items yesterday (Friday 5th). Thank you so much. My kayak looks like new again (almost) :) Take care. have a great day.

(aka another satisfied customer). PS - there are kayak places up here, but cost a fortune (and their 'look down their nose' because you 'are only a hobbiest, not a fanatic' looks really turned me off). Your service and your prices (even though at the other end of the country) will see me coming back to you guys. thanks heaps again. :) 

Jenny Morgan
Online Store Customer
September 2014

Hi Grace just to let you know that I have just had my first paddle in the Scout.
It is very stable and comfortable for a kayak this size. It tracked well and was a pleasure to paddle.
This is a very versatile kayak with broad appeal to anyone wanting to have a light and easy to transport kayak for local fishing or families to take on holidays. I am planning to use it to keep fit and as a very light fun tender to take on my power boat.
I would not hesitate to recommend the Aquayak Scout to anyone looking for a kayak in this size range.
Also a big thank you to Grace at the Bentleigh store for her excellent customer service, it really helped in making my decision to purchase a kayak from your company.

Willie Seyitt
Aquayak Facebook
August 2014


PJ Wardle
Aquayak Facebook
August 2014


Aquayak Facebook
July 2014

Rob Kirk
Aquayak Facebook
July 2014


We purchased a couple of Scouts and we love them, such a great little kayak! Thank you Aquayak for both the quality product and your fantastic customer service, you were able to answer all our questions. I am recommending your product to all our friends :)

Eden Smith
July 2014

I purchased a new Aquayak Scout from the Bentleigh store today. From my initial enquiries to her follow up calls, emails - even taking photos and sending them to me, resulting in a sale today, Grace was extremely pleasant, informed and professional to deal with. Thank you for making my kayak purchase such a pleasurable one. 

Willie Seyitt
Aquayak Facebook
July 2014


Thanks Aquayak for the great customer service we have always received when dealing with your company. Not only are your products excellent, but your after sales advice and knowledge has been invaluable. Keep up the great work!

Rachael Heinze
Aquayak Facebook
June 2014

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I purchased my Aquayak Scout this week from Nat Golhl at Stand Up Paddle SA located in Seacliff South Australia and I am really impressed with the service I received and my new kayak.
Nat Golhl was fantastic as our local Aquayak stockist and answered my endless questions and allowed me to take both the Scout and the Ranger for a long test paddle.
I researched lots of kayaks on the internet and took a few for a test paddle before finally deciding on the Aquayak Scout. The Scout felt really comfortable, felt very fast on the water, seemed more robust than the others I tried and most importantly it was made in Australia.
I had my maiden voyage this morning and I am mightily impressed! It was fast and sat really well on the water. I am a relatively big man and yet the Scout had plenty of room for me and Billy our adult Brittany Spaniel.
My next adventure is to take it fishing off the Adelaide coast with some mates!

North Brighton, SA
April 2014


Aquayak Facebook
April 2014


Hi Aquayak people

have purchased a ranger from the Bentleigh store today after much internet research. It's my first kayak and I didn't want to spend a fortune. Thought you might like to know that I love the product - looks a treat and after my first paddle I am stoked (didn't take me long to get it out - couldn't wait). Design is first class and I can man handle it onto my wagon with minimal fuss. I might also add that the service was great - the girls name was Grace and she was fantastic and made the whole experience so easy - even helped me load the kayak onto the car. Great stuff. I won't hesitate to recommend your products to my friends.

Jan 2014

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Hello Everyone. As this site has been a great source of info I thought I might try and contribute. I am completely new to this world so the report is through the eyes of a beginner. I only got a kayak for the first time last week and have finally had a chance to use it. Firstly let me say that the customer service I received from Aquayak in Hoppers Crossing was excellent. I purchased it unseen and untried...changed my mind a couple of times with different models...all done via email and over the phone...All my questions answered thoroughly. 
Lots of research done mostly through googling and looking for reviews.
I chose this kayak mainly because the specs matched what I had in mind...(I am 120kg and 186cm) and it is Australian Made.
The kayak is 3.0M long and 79cm wide...and 19kg...Fits on my car...Nice and light...affordable for me...and can hold 150kg capacity. Nothing was ever a problem and even had a few accessories thrown in to boot....Pick up by a friend who was nearby and he delivered it to me for a case of beer.
The kayak colour (royal Blue/White) and finish seems quite nice...smooth bottom and light sandpapery feel to the top.
Seat is comfy...felt pretty stable...a little lively at first but I 'grew' into it.
I took my Aquayak Scout out for a good hour and a half paddle in a local lake...
Travelled okay...tracks well...doesn't feel 'fast' but my paddling technique is still undergoing refinement.

Kayak Fishing Down Under Forum
May 2013


Hey guys just like to say love the aqua yak snapper. We won one in a comp and my boy loves it; stable and very comfortable. Wouldn't have anything else.

Dean Adams
Aquayak Facebook
July 2013

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Just wanted to let you know that while shopping around online I chose to purchase products from you. The reason for this is that your prices on products may not always be the cheapest but are not far off. The free shipping on some products and over $50 is the deal maker and puts you as the better deal. Well done on the prices you are able to offer customers and I will recommend people to your online shop. Thanks.

Wayne Farr
Stawell, VIC
July 2013

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ApocolypseEquippped - An excellent survival equipment blog has reviewed our Snapper Pro, Aqua II and Stormrider Yak PFD see blurbs and links to the full reviews below:

Snapper Pro
Not only did the kayak handle well, and was easy to right, haul and lug, it was sturdy and stable. I feel I could have fished happily off it (using either of the two built in rod-holders in the aft) although I would need practice to get my cast coordinated so I didn't dunk myself.

Full review

Aqua II
In the water, It handles really well, thanks in part to having two sets of paddlers but is very operable with only one, even being quite maneuverable when solo.

Full review

Stormrider Yak PFD
I've worn PFD's before, as well as SCUBA Buoyancy Control Device, and I really liked the simplicity, and design of this one.
You put it on, strap it to fit, and can all but forget about it when out and about on the water. In an emergency situation, you want to have the best equipment on hand to protect yourself and others from the environmental hazards you will be facing. A well made, worn and maintained PFD is a must for any kind of action on the water you might be facing.

Full review

Josh Orth
Apocolypse Equipped Blog

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Purchased a new AquaYak a couple of weeks ago (unsighted). Been fantastic, far better than I could have imagined. After some practice runs down rapids and one dunking after slipping dragging back up rapids (saved by complementary vest) I went out with my son yesterday and caught four cod. 31cm, 40+, 54cm and one we took home 62cm. Had a great day and very impressed with kayak and service of Aquayak.
Many thanks

Peter Pearson
Inverell, NSW
March 2013

I would like to express my thanks with the excellent service I have received from the young lady at your Bentleigh store, I have been there on four occasions and the same young lady as served me three of those times and made the purchase of two of your Fantastic Kayaks a very easy and pleasurable experience with her knowledge of the products and her professional business attitude, she is certainly a credit to your company and I look forward to future dealings.


Tony Hilton.
January 2013

Hi Coutney
Thank you for all of your advice and experience in helping me purchase my yak.
So far I have decked the big fish out with a centre control for instruments and lights mounting back to a battery in the rear.
The lighting I have are LED strip lights on each side and a rear white light to fish at night.
I have mounted the Lawerance fish finder above where you feet are and the transducer is inside hull mounted.
2 rod holders on the front for trolling on my way out.
I have gone out 3 times now and 2nd and 3 times caught 16 salmon and 5 pinkies.
Once again that you, I'm enjoying my Yak

PJ Wardle
jan 2013

We bought 2 tandem yaks at the invitation night at Bentleigh.
On Boxing Day we drove to our regular holiday spot on the Gippsland lakes, Loch Sport.
It was a bit choppy that afternoon so we planed on doing a little life jacket training with the boys so they knew they could trust them in an emergency, then a little 5 minute paddle. The next day was to be calmer and we intended to spend the morning exploring but an accident (not with the kayaks)sent us back to Melbourne that afternoon ( the staff at the eye and way hospital are awesome by the way!)
The kids are so excited to go back to Loch Sport to try again.
Here's a couple of photos from Boxing Day... Coming in on a wave and some life jacket training.


Kerryn Pilkington
jan 2013

Hi Courtney
Very wild ride home yesterday especially when I hit the cross winds on the western ring road. It was like having a sail on the ute.
Thanks for the great friendly service. Would recommend you to anyone

Des McCann
December 2012

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I picked up a kayak on Saturday morning. Just letting you know that I was really happy with your sales and service and help along the way. Thank you.
I have just received some documents from our school principal in regards to your store offering school packages.
After some discussion I am looking for a quote for 6 of the Aqua II Kayaks, with 12 Paddles, 12 PFD's, 12 Comfort Seats.
Also wondering if we would be able to get them in our School Colours also.
Thanks for your help in regards to this matter.

Matthew Irving
Terang College
November 2012

Note: If you are interested in purchasing a fleet of Aquayak's for your school you can contact us at (School colours are available!)

Hi Kelli,
Its finally getting warm enough to take the kayak out again
We recently took it down to Somerset Dam with some friends who also had a kayak – we didn’t hear a word from the kids! They had an absolute blast out on the kayaks
I’ve attached a couple of photos – they’re a bit fuzzy but you get the picture


Aimee Fuller
November 2012


Bought my first Kayak from the team at Hoppers Crossing a few weeks ago now.
I wanted something like an all rounder that I could also tempt my dog to sit in with me. Well, that was my intention! Sure enough today I took it out for a test voyage with Ted to see if he had his sea legs and well he took to it like a duck to water!
Many thanks for all your guidance and assistance. The Kayak (scout) is going great and I am really enjoying it. In the long run, Ted will too!
Lucky for me a fisherman was watching with interest as we paddled past and got a photo for me
Cheers guys!

Sal and Ted 
October 2012

Aquayak Bigfish Test

Hi everyone, Just thought i would give a quick report of my Aquayak Bigfish i purchased a few weeks ago. First off i would like to say i think the yak is excellent value for money, priced at $995 (mine was purchased from a regional dealer, and was exactly the same price as buying it in Melbourne.) including very comfortable seat and quality paddle.(before u ask i DO NOT work for aquayak, lol) . ANYWAY.... Last Tuesday 19/6/12. i took my Yak to Blue Rock Dam, for i surppose u would call a "Sea Trial" lol. and was very impressed with the way the yak tracked in the water, was extremly stable even when hauling a 1.1 kg redfin. Storage is excellent with anchor storage within easy reach, large waterproof bow storage although iam not sure what i will store in there!!! Rear storage is excellent with enough room for my plano 732 tacklebox, and a backpack containing food, drinks and 12v battery for powering my finder, with room to spare. Now for the problems although minor... Yak is very heavy with the aquayak site stating my yak weighs in at 27kg, mine tipped the scales at 33kg with NO GEAR in it at all, also the footwell has no drainage, as i found out that is where the water collects as u paddle! And other places it has self draining points where water does not collect??? So yes after so minor bitching and dragging this post for ever i am VERY VERY happy, and cannot wait for my next trip and the loverly Victorian weather to buzz off..... Dean

VYAK Fishing Forum
June 2012

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Hi Yak We are very happy with our first Snapper Pro and would like to purchase a second hand one for our growing young family can you direct us. 

Little River
May 2012

What an awesome little kayak *Scout, with a carrying capacity of 150kg, sit in with self draining hull, comes with all the bells and whistles, its really hard to beat price wise @ $700

VYAK Fishing Forum
December 2011

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Chose the Aquayak because I drive past their factory every work day. I did a bit of research and apparently they are a viking yak built under license but with the Aquayak logo, also come with a 10yr warranty. Viking Yaks are built in Qld but are pretty reliable according to the reviews. It's not fancy, but suits me, I've got a bit of basic kit and hope to try her out tomorrow. 

Australian Kayak Fishing Forum
November 2011

For all customer photos click here!


I was checking out Ebay and getting nowhere, but stumbled across The Yak Factory in Hoppers Crossing, I visited them today at lunch and have to say I am impressed with their set up and service, I am looking at buying the Snapper Pro Kayak, they have some good prices for Winter so I advise you to check them out, they make the Yaks onsite and they are based on the Viking yaks range from what I was told.
I will be joining the Yak club very shortly.

VYAK Fishing Forum
August 2011


For all customer photos click here!

Well during my drive back from an appointment along Old Geelong Rd Hoppers I drove past a flame coloured kayak out the front of a newly painted warehouse. So I decided to turn around and have a perv as I recognised it as a type of kayak I'd had in the past (I've only had two).
He calls himself the The Yak Factory and the yaks are called Aquayak.
Look no further Westies, we have a kayak manufacturer in our midst, yes Hoppers Crossing.
Yes he cooks his own yaks
Now I can't really say what the moulds are, I can say that they are from a very well known brand here in Aus (up nth) and the land of the long white cloud. 
They have only started out but the quality is amazing and the prices are even better.
Obviously I can't say a price cos that would be wrong but. The big fishing yak I saw was cheaper than anything of that type I've ever seen, even the Kingfisher. PFD's, dry bags, leashes, rod holders, and what will be very much like a PA sail for alot cheaper with all the real fitting hardware.
He seemed really keen to have a look at the local yak fishing scene. The reason I'm excited about this is because we have not had a manufacturer in our midst ever over this way, ha, now we have. And he is interested in the fishing scene, can only do good for our sport.
VYAK Fishing Forum
March 2011

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